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Dixie State University to offer accounting minor, applied leadership emphasis

dsustudentweb During the Summer 2017 semester, Dixie State University will begin to offer a new minor in accounting and an emphasis in applied leadership.

Already approved by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the State Board of Regents granted consent for the new programs Friday afternoon.

“The addition of the accounting minor and applied leadership emphasis will not only add depth to Dixie State University’s academic offerings but also better prepare students for a wide variety of careers,” Dixie State President Richard “Biff” Williams said. “The university’s strategic plan, Dixie 2020: Status to Stature, outlines a goal to offer 60 emphases by 2020, and thanks to the Board of Regents’ support, we are well on our way to accomplishing this goal with 54 emphases.”

The accounting minor, open to students majoring in any field of study, will teach students analytical and critical-thinking skills as well as a business vocabulary. These skill sets will be useful to students pursuing a variety of careers including those in business, consulting, banking, finance, law, social sciences and government. As Dixie State has continued to increase the number of baccalaureate programs it offers, students have requested minors in business-related fields and the accounting minor is being offered to meet this need.

Dr. Nate Staheli, DSU Accounting Department chair, said the new minor will allow students to comprehend the core principles of accounting.

“Our intent is to provide students with another ‘arrow in their quiver,’” Staheli said. “The accounting minor will work well with all degrees, as it is a very practical skill set. Knowing how to apply accounting principles will help every person in things like personal finance and starting and running his or her own business.”

As for the new applied leadership program, it will be offered as an emphasis to the Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies. The emphasis will allow students to integrate coursework from multiple disciplines and gain practical leadership, effective communication and team-building skills.

“This program borrows from multiple departments across campus,” Dr. Brent Yergensen, associate dean of Dixie State’s Division of Communication, said. “It offers hands-on courses in leadership. Students will be trained in communication theory at the foundational level and take advanced courses that are centered on leadership exercises. In essence, our intent is to offer a program in leadership theory, but especially a program focused on leadership performance.”

Both new programs further Dixie State’s commitment to providing students with personalized and engaged learning experiences while preparing them for rewarding careers and enriched lives.