Trailblazers Competition Dance Team places first at West Coast Championship

trailblazerscompetitiondancewebThe Dixie State University Trailblazers Competition Dance Team made an impressive debut into the collegiate dance scene when it earned first- and second-place trophies at the Universal Dance Association’s West Coast Championship. Established at the beginning of the 2015-16 academic year, the Trailblazers placed first in the Dance category and second in Hip Hop at the Anaheim, California, competition. “There has been a lot of work put in to getting this team started, and it is purely out of passion — no one gets a scholarship to be on this team currently,” Sydney Garcia, the team’s president, said. “Winning at the West Coast was the ultimate reward for the work we have put in. Since we are new, we weren’t sure what to expect at this competition, but we are so proud of our results.” Not only did the trip prove to be a rewarding experience for the dancers involved, it also was a valuable learning experience for the team. “Competing against other colleges and universities was such an eye-opening experience,” Rylee Colmenero, a freshman member of the team, said. “We learned about our team and gained some tips to help us continue to grow as a team and prepare for future competitions.” Misty Frisbey, the team’s adviser, said her inspiration for starting the team stemmed from a desire to provide an opportunity for the university’s many talented dancers to compete against others at the collegiate level. “With Dixie State University introducing the new Trailblazer identity last spring, I felt that the 2016-17 academic year was the perfect time to add competition dance team to campus,” she said. The Trailblazers Competition Dance Team strives to bring the community to campus by performing at events and promoting school spirit throughout Trailblazer Nation. For more information on Dixie State University Trailblazer Competition Dance Team, contact Adviser Misty Frisbey at