Professor honored by masons as Educator of the Year

Upon completion of the 2016-17 academic year, St. George Masonic Lodge No. 33 presented Dixie State University Associate Professor Travis Seegmiller with the Educator of the Year Award. A fraternity that prides itself in the betterment of mankind and the improvement of men, the Masonic Lodge awarded Seegmiller the honor as part of its efforts to recognize and honor men of renown character throughout the ages.  “Your dedication to your craft has not been in vain in the slightest. Men such as yourself are the men who change the world and set an example for those who will come after,” Gerardo Flores, Masonic Lodge No. 33’s worshipful master, told Seegmiller during the ceremony in which the award was bestowed on him. “Mr. Seegmiller, both you and your wife are praiseworthy for your dedication to your profession and being an inspiration.”  Also during the ceremony, Seegmiller’s wife, Lisa Seegmiller, a fine arts adjunct instructor at Dixie State and a Tony Awards-winning and Grammy Awards-nominated singing actress, sang “Climb Every Mountain” immediately preceding Seegmiller’s speech titled “Building New Bridges to Our & Others’ Dreams.” Seegmiller is an associate professor of law, economics and management at Dixie State University and founder and managing director in residence of the Executive Leadership Institute at DSU. He was ranked No. 7 in the nation in the Hottest Professors category on Previously, Seegmiller served as a management strategy consultant in McKinsey & Company's Financial Institutions Group in New York City and was partner at the headquarters of the top-ranked Patton Boggs LLP law firm in Washington, D.C. During the latter post, Seegmiller served on the faculty of Georgetown University Law Center, where he worked closely with doctoral candidates in the nation’s No. 1-ranked clinical (experiential learning) program. With a team of undergraduate or graduate students by his side, Seegmiller has advised an array of world-class clients around the globe, facing legal, business, financial and public policy strategy concerns for 20 years. By working closely with private-equity and venture capital firms, Seegmiller currently advises a lineup of high-growth private entities, now with the help of Dixie State Executive Leadership students. Seegmiller has also worked on or advised numerous political campaigns at the local, state and national levels, including U.S. presidential campaigns dating back to 1996. Seegmiller earned a bachelor’s degree from Yale University, studied economics and Master of Business Administration curriculum at La Pontificia Universidad Catolica in Chile and Dartmouth College and received his juris doctorate credentials from Georgetown University.  He is currently licensed to practice law in Utah and the District of Columbia. To learn more about Dixie State University, visit