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Police chief honored for 42 years of service

In recognition of 42 years of service, Chief Don Reid, director of the Dixie State University Security and Campus Police Department, received campus, county and statewide accolades at a recent luncheon and reception celebrating his achievements in preparation for his upcoming retirement.

“Chief Reid has been a selfless leader on this campus for more than four decades,” DSU President Richard B. Williams said. “I have been consistently impressed with his dedication to keeping our students, faculty and staff safe while serving as a great example for his officers and making sure their needs are met. His presence on campus certainly will be missed.”

Reid, who started his career with the DSU police department as a student campus security officer in 1973, became a full-time officer in 1975 and was named chief in 1981. During his tenure at Dixie State, Reid grew the department from one to six officers and served under eight presidents. He also led efforts that resulted in and separately naming Dixie State one of the 50 safest colleges in the nation.

In display of the Dixie State community’s appreciation for Reid’s commitment to campus safety, Williams bestowed Reid with Chief Emeritus status, a distinguished honor that is granted upon retirement to select university employees who display continued exceptional service.

Additionally, campus police officers recognized Reid’s leadership by presenting him with a shadowbox displaying memorabilia representing Reid’s 42 years of service and a statue. Campus Police Assistant Director Ron Isaacson, who is serving as interim chief, thanked Reid for being an influential leader, teacher and confidant. Later, Reid proved that the respect is mutual by keeping his officers’ best interest in mind, even in his retirement.

“Maybe it would have been tough to leave here if I hadn’t done all I needed to do, but we brought this department a long way and I got some very talented young men there that need the opportunity to step in my place,” Reid said.

Appreciation for Reid’s service extended beyond campus, made evident when Washington County Commissioners Dean Cox and Victor Iverson presented Reid with the Washington County Outstanding Service Award. Reid also was honored by Utah Commissioner of Public Safety Keith D. Squires, who thanks Reid for his commitment to ensuring that students, faculty and staff are safe. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and City of St. George Mayor Jon Pike also commended Reid for his top-notch service and unwavering dedication in separate letters of appreciation.

On behalf of the Utah State Legislature, Rep. V. Lowry Snow spoke as a representative of the voice of the people when he thanked Reid for his contributions to campus and the community. “Thank you for risking your life for mine,” Snow told Reid.

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