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Dixie State University official statement on Vintage at Tabernacle construction

As the 2017-18 academic year approaches, Dixie State University is excited to welcome another large freshman class to campus. This growth wouldn’t be possible without community partnerships, and the university is appreciative that the private sector stepped in and started building off-campus housing to accommodate Dixie State students. Crews are vigorously working to finish one such project, Vintage at Tabernacle; however, this project will not be ready for students by the first day of school. Although Vintage is a private project not owned by Dixie State, the university is pleased that Vintage is going to great strides to address the needs of these students. Vintage management has made plans to house students temporarily at a nearby hotel. Additionally, Vintage is working with Dixie State to provide affected students with on-campus meal plans and shuttling between campus and the hotel, as well as providing residents with gift cards to local restaurants and access to laundry services. Vintage is covering the cost of rent and food until the building is complete to help offset the inconvenience. Although the university is not responsible for this construction project, it is closely monitoring the situation and providing support wherever possible. For more information, students and their families may contact Vintage at Tabernacle at 435-227-0855.