Dixie Forum to host lecture on citizens’ role in American politics

Addressing how the hope for America’s future is grounded in the goodwill of its citizens, Boyd Matheson, president of Sutherland Institute, will present “Politics Has Failed; America Will Not” at the next installment of Dixie State University’s weekly lecture series Dixie Forum: A Window on the World. Matheson’s lecture is set to take place from noon to 12:50 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 5, in the Dunford Auditorium of the Browning Resource Center on the Dixie State campus. Admission is free, and the public is encouraged to attend. In his address, Matheson will look at the nation’s history of the community leading and politicians following. Additionally, Matheson will point to how the magic of America is not housed in the halls of Congress, memorialized in a majestic monument or stored in a secure vault, but rather found within ordinary people who do extraordinary things each day. Demonstrating how politics have failed, but America will not, Matheson’s presentation will show how America’s future looks bright when the country looks to people instead of politicians, community instead of Congress, and culture instead of government control. Matheson, who served as chief of staff for Utah Sen. Mike Lee in Washington, D.C., has a wealth of experience as a coach, executive adviser and business consultant. Most recently, Matheson built a political consulting firm that advises national and state elected officials and candidates. From 2005 to 2012, he served as president of Trillium Strategies, a consulting firm focused on branding, business transformation and operational excellence. Dixie Forum is a weekly lecture series designed to introduce the St. George and DSU communities to diverse ideas and personalities while widening their worldviews via a 50-minute presentation. Next, Dixie Forum will host a presentation on the Utah Shakespeare Festival at noon on Sept. 12 in the Dunford Auditorium. For more information about Dixie State University’s Dixie Forum series, contact DSU Forum Coordinator John Burns at 435-879-4712 or burns@dixie.edu or visit humanities.dixie.edu/the-dixie-forum.