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Digital Forensics program recognized as a National Center of Academic Excellence

Dixie State University’s Digital Forensics program recently received recognition as a National Center of Digital Forensics and Academic Excellence from the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center.

Dixie State’s Digital Forensics Crime Lab has been a leader in cutting-edge technologies and processes within the digital forensics field and now meets the Defense Cyber Crime Center’s standards to be one of the leading educators of future digital forensic professionals. The program’s move is in step with DSU’s goals to grow from university status to stature.

“My main focus in training students in digital forensics is their employability,” said Gary Cantrell, associate professor of Criminal Justice. “With today’s growing technical-based workforce, anything that will give students a boost on their résumés will give them a needed advantage. I like giving our students an edge.”

National Center of Digital Forensics and Academic Excellence (CDFAE) programs are dedicated to helping students develop an awareness of current issues facing digital forensic workers and give them a desirable and unique skill set. The new designation creates opportunities for DSU students to work with the government to prepare them to fill the increasing federal digital forensic demands.

“DSU students will be able to add two certificates to their list of achievements on graduation from our digital forensics program: Digital Media Collector and Digital Forensic Examiner,” said Cantrell. “These two certificates make them eligible for the equivalent certifications directly from the Department of Defense’s Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy.”

To earn the certification, Dixie State had to demonstrate curriculum tied to CDFAE learning objectives, designate in-course peer reviews of curriculum and practicum, and have the program evaluated — an intensive two-year process.

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