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Dixie State University to host Southern Utah Climate Discussions

The Dixie State University Sustainability Club is teaming up with the institution’s Biology and Physical Science departments to sponsor an educational forum on clean air and climate solutions.

Southern Utah Climate Discussions will be held at noon on Dec. 7 in Dixie State’s Gardner Center Living Room and then again at 7 that evening in the Zion Room, located on the fifth floor of DSU’s Holland Centennial Commons. Admission to the forums is free, and the community is encouraged to attend.

At both presentations, keynote speaker Dr. Robert Davies, an associate professor in Utah State University’s Department of Physics, will discuss the causes and effects, danger and urgency, and solutions and actions communities can take in regards to climate change and air pollution.

“I’m excited that a discussion like this is going to happen on our campus,” Cameron Carlson, president of DSU’s Sustainability Club, said. “The global anthropogenic climate change occurring is a pressing issue that will even affect us living here in Washington County.”

During the forum, the audience will be encouraged to ask tough questions about the science of climate change while learning more about the issue.

“Earth and its resources support our daily lives and our current lifestyles,” Carlson said. “The forum will be a space where we can all come together and work toward solutions on climate change from a local approach.”

For more information about DSU’s sustainability club or the Southern Utah Climate Discussions, contact