Dixie Forum to host presentation on Michelangelo’s sculptures

In its first installment of the Spring 2019 semester, Dixie State University’s weekly lecture series Dixie Forum: A Window on the World will host Arte Divine President David Newren in a presentation about the artistic journey he took to reproduce Michelangelo’s sculptures. Newren will present “Michelangelo: A New Approach to His Genius” at noon on Jan. 15 in the Dunford Auditorium, located in the Browning Resource Center on the Dixie State campus. Admission is free, and the public is encouraged to attend. Arte Divine is dedicated to bringing Michelangelo’s statues to the world by placing rare castings of the original masterpieces around the world. In fact, Dixie State’s Sears Art Museum Gallery received the 14th of 100 marble castings of the Pietà last February, thanks to a contribution from an anonymous donor. The company uses a mold derived from the original works to produce accurate and precise reproductions of Michelangelo’s masterpieces. During his Dixie Forum presentation, Newren will elaborate on his collaboration with The Vatican and Casa Buonarotti to replicate a series of Michelangelo’s sculptures. Together, the organizations have made it their mission to share 19 of Michelangelo’s iconic sculptures with those who have not been able to travel to see his original masterpieces. After working on this project for the past 20 years, Newren’s reproductions are on display across the world and are featured in nearly every state in the U.S. Dixie Forum is a weekly lecture series designed to introduce the St. George and Dixie State communities to diverse ideas and personalities while widening their worldviews via a 50-minute presentation. The next installment of Dixie Forum is set to take place at noon on Jan. 22 in the Dunford Auditorium. Grammy-nominated violinist Lisa Dondlinger will share her story of how she came to perform with the biggest names in the entertainment industry in her presentation “From Iowa to Hollywood with Love.”