Dixie State University’s annual research symposium available online now

Dixie State University’s fourth annual Regional Symposium for Research, Innovation, and Creativity transitioned to an online format in light of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, making student research currently available for the community’s perusal.

Students participate in Dixie State University’s 2018 Regional Symposium for Research, Innovation, and Creativity. This year’s event is available online.

Organized by the university’s Undergraduate Research Office, the symposium features more than 40 presentations prepared by more than 50 students in different formats such as live videos, recorded presentations and digital posters. The online symposium is available at https://dixie.instructure.com/courses/614352.

“Undergraduate research is a high-impact academic practice that allows students to experience firsthand what their future career would demand or what they will have to do in graduate school. It is also an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into an area of interest and to work closely with a faculty mentor,” Dr. Olga Pilkington, assistant director of undergraduate research at Dixie State, said. “Undergraduate research is a practice open to all students at Dixie State, and the symposium reflects the breadth and diversity of research subjects and creative activities at the university.”

Open to any scholarly research or creative work conducted by active scholars at various stages in their careers, the symposium fosters collaboration between the campus and community while building partnerships across academic disciplines. Scholars from all academic disciplines are encouraged to participate to stimulate interdisciplinary discourse and explore the range of academic scholarship beyond the traditional classroom.

In addition to the symposium, all presenters have the opportunity to be published in Dixie State’s academic publication, Curiosity: Interdisciplinary Journal of Research and Innovation.

As part of the virtual format, the organizers — Dr. Rico Del Sesto, director of undergraduate research at Dixie State, and Pilkington — provided opportunities for presenters and attendees to interact via online discussions dedicated to each presentation. Additionally, a virtual guest book provides opportunities for feedback.

The digital infrastructure created for this year’s symposium will be used by the university for future conferences.

To learn more about undergraduate research at Dixie State University, visit research.dixie.edu or email research@dixie.edu.