Dixie State University’s TRiO program awarded $1.8 million grant

Dixie State University’s TRiO Student Support Services has received a $1.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education, which will enable the program to help over 600 qualified students earn associate degrees throughout the next five years.

Receiving more funding than ever since Dixie State added its TRiO program to campus in the 1980s, Dixie State earned the highest score on the grant application in the state of Utah, missing only one point in the 125-point grant assessment.

“Working with first generation, low-income and disabled populations is extremely rewarding because I not only see a life change, but what I do will change generations to follow,” said Dixie State’s Director of Student Support Services Jonathan Morrell, who applied for the grant on behalf of the university.

Funds will be awarded through Aug. 31, 2025, and will make it possible for the university to provide a variety of free services to help underserved students complete their associate degrees and prepare to earn bachelor’s degrees.

Morrell added that the university’s grant application was successful thanks to TRiO students’ high graduation and retention rates, good academic standing and enhanced financial literacy. Through TRiO, students practice self-direction, resourcefulness and resiliency by participating in one-on-one academic advising, service opportunities, peer tutoring and more.

The program focuses on academic development and personal enrichment to help participants become successful students, college graduates, respected professionals in their fields and global citizens who practice lifelong learning.

To apply for TRiO services, visit 1.